Cinematic Leadership is Smarter

There are new and better ways to help leaders excel

Mindset either creates results or perpetuates short-falls! And mindset is often vexing to fully change. Not in cinematic mode. That’s why you should adopt  a fresh approach. 

CINEMATIC mindset is fun to use and wires-in top level attitudes, skills, and habits of powerful leaders.

What Cinematic leaders “get” that others miss

  • Stories are the biggest leadership frame, not just the garnish.
  • If you don’t make drama, somebody else will!
  • In leadership and relationship, perception indeed IS reality.
  • If you get destination (story) right, everybody get's on board
  • Building story & delivery “chops” is a craft process that's fast

Here's How Cinematic accelerates good change.

It focuses our attention on the highest priority communication goals

It’s FUN and frees up imagination, vocabulary, messaging to create excitement with innovation.

It leads to asking the write questions about priorities, details, and execution

If bakes-in the need for emotional connection beyond just dry business goals

 It directly leads to development of craft skills such as composition, streamlining, and delivery

In a Nutshell

Cinematic leadership takes the admonition to "tell a story" to it's most powerful extent. CL includes the right questions & tools to build an enterprise message that fuels motivation and helps the right things get done. A message that scales downwards to inform all the players (with custom scenes added as needed). Based on deep craft principles from live performers such as speakers and actors, we learn discipline, techniques, and templates to accelerate making a combined cognitive and emotional connection. Think of John F Kennedy's declaration, "...before the decade is out to land a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth..."  THAT was cinematic. Plus, it fit the times and it worked profoundly.  This is different from a mission statement because it's executed as an internal everyday campaign. Every serious modern enterprise is going for its own moon shot. What's yours?

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Roy Terry

Roy Terry is the founder and principal consultant for Words & Presence, a leadership training and coaching practice in Silicon Valley, California.

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