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​Our Purpose: ​Support ​Emerging ​Leaders

​When most training fails or barely helps, what needs to be done?

​​Existing ​knowledge, craft, and ​technique ​should make leadership progress​ awesome. BUT....

Most training fails​.  Why? Lack of full engagement and lack of full relevance. ​Often merely, "Interesting" advice retires to binders ​on dusty shelves - never to be​ consulted again. When training is ​too much ​presentation, when you aren't fully engaged, when you never put skin in the game, then despite best intentions,  nothing ​happens!

NOT THE CASE with Live Training & Coaching from Words & Presence!

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​​Here's the (short!) laundry list of issues & baggage you ​probably encountered:

  • Above all, most training don't let you engage and lock in how you'll take the new techniques into battle.
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    There's a culture of engineering that treats leadership as an automatic or side-note
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    ​Executive Training tends to be stilted by the left-over attitudes of the old-boy network
  • ​No Corporate allocation for skill building, training or mentoring
  • ​Weak (or even toxic) communication styles have become rooted in some organizations and drive out the good
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    Just plain wrong ideas about how leaders should behave. (We're not becoming servants!)
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    Old-school training based on myths, abstractions, and buzzwords.

​What are we doing about the problem?

​Number one, giving you feedback and insight nobody else can give

​Then, we help you get skin in the game to own progress. ​​You'll practice real ​executive moves live. A little uncomfortable? Perhaps, but if you ​need results this is the ​winning way. ​And there are ​unique advantages not ​found in other ​training:

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    ​This is perfomance-based learning process; You will practice your material delivered live with realistic feedback
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    ​You create a leadership persona (call it a "game face") to bundle all the desired behaviors into a single trigger
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    ​You'll get guidance and practice in how to develop a concise, simple, and actionable "message" (or message set)
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    ​Since we're already "performing" the communication, you'll get coaching and hands-on improvements in delivery
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    ​You'll get end-to-end feedback and strategies to build stronger and more effective messages

​Curious? Verify The ​Opportunity!

​Seriously, There's zero reason to keep waiting. Our coaching and training is 100% guaranteed, and the call is no-cost. Direct performance training, based on ​best models simply wins.


​Roy Terry

As the youngest of 6, ​smart words helped me survive! In College, debate and story writing ​proved the power logic+emotion.​ I was hooked​.

​Since the mid 90s, I’ve coached ​countless professionals to ​develop & deliver messages effectively. As a pitch coach, I’ve ​helped ​hundreds of founders ​find power​. In person ​or virtually, I’ve worked with professionals in India, France, China, Tunis, and Korea. I’ve lead ​sessions at Google Launch Pad, and the MIT Enterprise Forum. I’ve trained extensively with ​professional speakers, and explored acting, improv, and even standup. All to better ​leverage words and ideas. Individual clients hail from  Apple, eBay, Google, AT&T, Amazon, and Symantec as well as many ​Silicon Valley startups.  The goal: Get the story, compose the elements, and ace the delivery with authority. 

What I've learned:

​Too many ​talented ​executives​ are stalled, and uncertain ​how to move up. ​Corporate structure and expectations are ​daunting. It doesn't have to be! That’s why I've ​created a large array of pragmatic tools and techniques to​ accelerate your effectiveness. ​Rather move in 3 months vs 3 years? The ball is in your court!

​Words & Presence "​just works!"

​No reason to wait. 

High-leverage leadership Guidance, Skills, and Strategy is available

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