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Executive Power: Briefing, Demo and Peer Networking, 7 Dec

What’s your strategy to move up? “Just work hard” might be smart IF you have a champion. Most people don’t. So the best strategy is to take charge and own your progress.

This event is a good start.

Learn foundations for authentic power in a work setting. Experience a demonstration and sample techniques to boost your own power.

This brief high-energy event is for local executives seeking to exchange leadership ideas and strategies with peers and colleagues. Includes a 30 minute briefing and demo on challenges and solutions to thrive in Silicon Valley by executive communications expert Roy Terry.


  1. A concise maps of leadership demands, resources, and strategy you can use immediately.
  2. Connect and compare challenges and solutions with colleagues in similar high-tech leadership roles

  3. Facilitated networking to bring immediate relevance to your discussions.

  4. Learn new ideas in the areas of power, narrative (story), and relationship management.

  5. Experience live demos that will markedly illustrate what works and how quickly performance can be improved.

  6. Additional Topics: Executive Presence, Setting Mission, Promoting Innovation

Join us for a one-of-kind opportunity to compare notes and gain unique insight for progress. You will learn uniquely powerful frameworks and skill building techniques to boost leadership effectiveness.

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