Finding the Leverage to Improve Leadership

Most people build presentations backwards. Here’s a better way.
We have a problem with presentations in business. A focus problem, A length problem. A message problem. An energy problem.[...]
Leaders need not eat at all! (No Apologies to Simon Sinek)
Leadership communication skills include what, how and when to eat.Resolved: In the following year, I’ll reduce my consumption of sugar-coated[...]
What We Ignore about POWER versus Technology
Power is more fundamental than tech. Odd, but we need to say this. Why?  Because our startup culture is obsessed[...]
Leadership Training Mostly Fails — Why?
Foundations of pragmatic leadershipHarvard Business Review gets grumpy about wasted training expenses for leadership development. Should we be surprised?Not so much!Having[...]
Seriously! Are you ready to start leading?
​Seriously, are You ​Ready to ​Start Leading? ​Compare Bungy jumping with leadership? ​Yeah, most people take the jump a lot[...]