Lessons to Lead

Finding the Leverage to Improve Leadership

How Virtual Meetings Change EVERYTHING
At work, would you prefer to be Bugs Bunny or Steve Jobs? Prep and mindset give you the choice Writing[...]
Tom Hanks was Only So-so on SNL – Here’s What YOU Can Learn From That
Tom Hanks was So-so on SNL – Here’s what You Can Learn From ThatLacking usual prep, a celebrity rapidly becomes[...]
Most people build presentations backwards. Here’s a better way.
We have a problem with presentations in business. A focus problem, A length problem. A message problem. An energy problem.[...]
Leaders need not eat at all! (No Apologies to Simon Sinek)
Leadership communication skills include what, how and when to eat.Resolved: In the following year, I’ll reduce my consumption of sugar-coated[...]
What We Ignore about POWER versus Technology
Power is more fundamental than tech. Odd, but we need to say this. Why?  Because our startup culture is obsessed[...]
Leadership Training Mostly Fails — Why?
Foundations of pragmatic leadershipHarvard Business Review gets grumpy about wasted training expenses for leadership development. Should we be surprised?Not so much!Having[...]

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