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Executive Communication - Course Detail

This is a flexible course based on student needs and priorities. Here is the model course outline

Module 1 - Fundamentals for Executives

Learn and practice the leadership perspective on communication. How clarity is achieved. How meetings and conversations are to be structured. The importance of openings and closings

Module 2 - Methods of personal Power

Techniques and practices allowing any individual to evince power and authority in their delivery of information and directives

Module 3 - Learning templates

Study and analyze how certain patterns produce reliable and effective results. Including Mission launch, project pitching, project briefings, course corrections and dealing with friction. Includes significant practice building and delivering these leadership components.

Module 4 - In depth project 1

Using a student relevant business scenario, choose, and execute a leadership move based on the template. Make the content highly relevant and specific to student concerns.

Module 5 - In depth project 2

Rapid prep as a new skill. Student will take limited time to respond to a given business challenge and deliver a communication piece on short notice.

Module 6 - consolidation

Several practice presentations that are reviewed in deep detail. Along with simulated objections, Q/A, and next step conversations. Student will gain live experience "holding the fort" to ensure that the required action initiatives are properly launched.