Be the go-to executive

Insider skills that make you promotable

Go-to Skills start with Power


​The ability to engage and impress others. Strength and resilience in the face of resistance. Most people think you need to be born with power. Incorrect, but you do need to learn to invoke and perform with power. Speakers know this. Founders learn this. Voice, pace, gestures. You'll be surprised how straightforward it is to gain power.

​Clarity is the secret weapon


​Most quick-rising executives got promoted for their technical and execution skills. Often there's a gap in verbal skills. Not intelligence. Not acuity. But the ability to summarize, to re-state, to simplify. You'll learn how to create clarity with style and simplicity. With best-practices templates. Wins every time.

​Team means facilitating!


​Power and ​clarity breakdown if the team is not on-board. Learn how to generate support and coordination. Learn how to align and recognize without surrendering power. Harvest creative contributions yet maintain focus. Not as hard as it sounds. We have the techniques in our mission model.

Direct coaching is smart

​For skill development: sooner beats later! (Harvard Business Review)

  • "Too expensive!" ​Please, seriously looking at cost and payback, Words & Presence is a super reasonable option. How much does a delayed promotion, or extended job search cost?
  • "How do these sessions  really work?"  Quick and effectively. And the secret is authentic immersion and practice.
  • "We have a program HR supports". OK, sure. But is HR optimal?  Is their program properly focused and effective? How long until you're sent?
  • "This all annoying politics! I'd prefer to rise on merit." We've all said that! But humans pivot on emotional decisions. If you get in that  the game, you can influence and actually make things less "political" You'll need to get in the game.

Start getting noticed again!


worth 100x for each dollar you command

Simarjit Chhabra - Entrepreneur

I did get amazing reviews from your workshop from last weekend from Startup Leadership Program. I had put a word that you were worth 100x for each dollar you command and post session - they said we should have got you in last year itself. I was like - I told you so :)