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Insider skills th​​​​at make you promotable

Hope and hard work is not a strategy!

Don't let Fixable shortcomings become your brand!
If you're not working to get better...

  • People wondering: can he handle bigger roles?
  • Boss feels you're not motivated
  • Skips considering you for best ​projects. Gives "cover story"!

Start getting noticed again!

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Great Presentation!

Roy, Happy Monday, my Presentation went very well last Friday! Many thanks for your help! Am preparing another presentation now and when ready I will make my next appointment with you.

J. G. Engineering Manager, Quality and Monitoring

Master your performance in the moment. I've helped hundreds own the room.

  • What works! Coaching leaders "Inside the tornado" at Apple, Google, eBay, Symantec, AT&T, Amazon, gitHub, Rally Health, Jobvite, Parsable & many early stage.
  • Own the room! The Silicon Valley Pitch Doctor has helped housands of Founders and CEOs win with presentation, pitching & authority skills. 
  • Fast!  Build your Power, Persuasion, and leadership simultaneously. The secret is immersive practice and you'll enjoy it!

A different kind of creative expert...

Suvendu Mahapatra - Chief Technology Officer, Bersin by Deloitte

I thought my team briefings were spot on. But high level feedback said I was dull and too detailed. Failing to delineate priorities and accomplishments. Roy helped in both areas to simplify and deliver good and "bad news" and still go forward. He's a different kind of creative expert. Recommended!


This model is Excellent!

Tracy D - Director: Technology Market Analysis

... really helpful, you are able to articulate where I need to focus improvement and giving me exercises that will help me to break the habit ... This is excellent! thank you.


Developing & Pitching a New Product Idea

Jeff Bradford - CEO, Bradford Technologies

A great workshop. This helped me develop a new product idea and now I think we're going to make faster progress implementing. Roy also creates an ideal peer collaboration environment.

Just call! (It's all upside)

Enhanced presence and influence is guaranteed when you prep correctly and boldly


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Talk problems and solutions for 20 to 30 minutes 

All about your concerns and ideas forward. (actually fun)


Changes you seek in 3 sessions! 

Build interaction skills. Create a briefing presentation. Prep for interviews, create whatever new behavior you need. Five or more session packages for deeper work.


All sessions are entirely focused on your current challenges, priorities, and agreed goals. We do a mix of perspective, strategy, and direct skill-building. If you're ever disappointed in progress or value, just let us know and your charge will be promptly refunded.

Words & Presence...

The most effective choice

​Immediate progress with live engagement leaving ​buzzwords and happy talk behind.

Key 1: Leadership exists in the moment

Leadership exists in the moment. Can't be canned or simulated. Requires bold moves. That's why all our coaching works focuses on creating more leverage in live situations. That's why you'll learn fundamental moves from the speaking and performing arts.

Key 2: it's not what you know, it's What you can deliver

We move, talk, respond, promise only with verbiage and style we're comfortable with. If you haven't practiced and "installed" your best presence, you won't deliver it. We prep you to always deliver your best choice.

Key 3: Composed and complete wins over "winging it"

There are ​times when "winging it" is all you've got. Fine. But ​with coaching ​you'll have winning formulas - the points to cover in what order - that makes ​​off-the-cuff easy. Running meetings, setting mission, pitching strategy, course correction: there's an optimal sequence you'll learn and exploit. Improvements will be noticed!


I've looked. These [interaction] models aren't in books!

S. K - Senior Director, eBay

I've never seen these models in any books. This is great! Really useful!

Direct coaching is very smart

Some ​objections aren't even logical​. Don't let them waste your time.

​For skill development: sooner beats later! (Harvard Business Review)

  • "Too expensive!" ​Please, seriously looking at cost and payback, Words & Presence is a super reasonable option. How much does a delayed promotion, or extended job search cost?
  • "These sessions can't really work, can they?"  YES, they can. And the secret is authentic immersion and practice.
  • "We have a program HR supports". OK, sure. But is HR really your friend? Is their program properly focused and effective? How long until you're sent?
  • "This all annoying politics! I'd prefer to rise on merit." Good luck with that! We humans pivot on emotional decisions. If you get in that  the game, you can influence and actually make things less "political" ​You'll need to get in the game.

Start getting noticed again!


worth 100x for each dollar you command

Simarjit Chhabra - Entrepreneur

I did get amazing reviews from your workshop from last weekend from Startup Leadership Program. I had put a word that you were worth 100x for each dollar you command and post session - they said we should have got you in last year itself. I was like - I told you so :)