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Leaders need not eat at all!

It’s February and 10% of the year is gone. Remember your New Year’s resolutions? No matter. Here’s a resolution that’s painless and all upside:​“Resolved: In the following year, I’ll reduce my in-take of sugar-coated leadership books, blogs, and articles by 50%”​Greatest Leadership Secrets!​Not 100% because we all ​need ​​some ​​​​sugary hope! ​Leadership sugar comes in several flavors. […]

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What We Ignore about POWER versus Technology

Power is more fundamental than tech. Odd, but we need to say this.Why?  Because our startup culture is obsessed with technology, with all the things that might be possible. With coolness.  And that’s wrong, expensively wrong. Technology is not a solution, it’s not a product, nor a go-to-market strategy. It’s not even a competitive advantage — […]

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Seriously! Are you ready to start leading?

​Seriously, are You ​Ready to ​Start Leading?​Compare Bungy jumping with leadership? ​Yeah, most people take the jump a lot more seriously. Understandable. On the other​ hand, we often deliver weak leadership for years and pretend there’s not crash coming. But when a disruption occurs, weak leaders get washed out. Directions for bungy jumping:  1) find a good […]

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