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Building Executive Power, San Francisco, 17 May

EventBrite Sign up! Power in the workplace is key to getting things done. But most people mis-understand how to develop and use it. Learn how to develop and bring your power in presentations, team settings, and cross-functionally. Learn how your core power does not come from your expertise and experience but from the way you […]

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Get Smarter: 4 hours to Up-Level Your Leadership Presence with Action!

Be smarter on Monday than you were on Friday! ~~This is Full 4 hours of communication and leadership skill building~~ REGISTER NOW Ideal for any Silicon Valley Executive, Entrepreneur, or Founder. seeking more leverage. 1) skills enhancement. 2) a deeper understanding of leadership. AND, GET AN ACTION PLAN to advance your professional profile in meetings […]

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4 hours to Up-Level Your leadership Presence with Action

Jam Packed half-day (YES Full 4 hours!) of the best science, craft, and strategy enabling your growth Leadership progress still feels like a guessing game to most professionals. It doesn’t need to be. Instead of chasing the next TEDx fad, digesting Harvard abstractions, or trying to guess your way, now you can get a top […]

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